Employee founded. Independently owned.

Founded by
16 Underdogs

This beer is brewed in the spirit of our 16 founders who risked it all for great beer. We pay a premium to make sure our beer is made with the best ingredients, such as the finest two-row 100% Prairie barley and five choice hop varietals. Our unique process brings you unparalleled smoothness in every beer.

Local from the
Barley Up

We are a true Prairie beer - so we make sure that our beer truly is 100% locally brewed, owned and grown. We work with Saskatchewan farmers who grow the finest malt barley, which we use in our brews to create a superior flavour. Our beer is stored stored at a low temperature and extra-aged for an unbelievably smooth taste and finish.

Like Friday...

and Saturday

Brewhouse is an honest, refreshing beer, crafted from many premium ingredients including Western Canadian barley. Cold-filtered and naturally aged without any preservatives whatsoever, it has a light, malty flavour - while maintaining a crisp finish and no aftertaste.

Satisfying Taste

Since 1896

Olympia is an American tradition. It's a light tasting beer with a slightly sweeter, more rounded flavour, balanced by a light, refreshing hop aroma and taste.

Gold Strong
Brewed Smooth

Selecting quality ingredients, precise brewing practices, and a careful aging process all come together to make Gold Strong a superior hard-working beer that tastes as smooth as smooth can be.